Kilt Measuring Guide

If you are investing in a kilt then you should ensure that you choose the right size. You might be new to highland dress but don't worry because it is a straightforward task to take the measurements you need. All you need to do is follow a few simple steps to achieve the perfect fit!

Get Help!

It is important not to take your measurements without help. You will need to stand up straight and to measure without looking down and this is all but impossible on your own. Looking down alters your posture and therefore your measurements.

How to Measure

Always use a proper tape measure. Using string, rulers or anything else is simply not accurate enough and yes people try this! Take your measurements whilst you are in your underwear or light clothing as measuring over heavy jeans and knits will result in errors. If you are fully dressed then empty your pockets before you start as your hip measurement should not include your mobile phone or your wallet!


Kilts are usually worn higher than trousers and should sit at your natural waist. You should stand up straight with your feet together and look forward whilst someone else takes the measurement using a tailor's tape measure. The measurement should be taken at the height of your naval which is roughly two inches above your hip bone. The tape should be pulled so that it is snug but not tight. Do not hold your breath, suck in your stomach or look down whilst the measurement is taken.


Again you should stand up straight with your feet together and look forward. Ensure that your pockets are empty and ask your helper to measure around the widest point of your hips and bottom using a tape measure.


Kilts should be worn so that the hem sits at the centre of the knee cap. The easiest way to find the correct measurement is to kneel and to look forward whilst your helper measures using a tailor's tape measure. Maintain an upright posture and measure from the natural waist, where the kilt will sit, to the floor.

Quite simple isn't it? Just follow these steps and you will have a kilt with a great fit in which you will be suave and stylish. Don't forget to take a look at the fabulous casual kilts from The Scottish Shop!

To work out your measurements, please refer to the diagram below.

Kilt Measuring Guide

(D) Waist: This measurement is taken around the waist navel height and measured.

(E) Seat: Please put your feet together, then measure the broadest part of your hips.

(F.a) Kilt length: Please kneel on the ground, place the tape on the floor then measure up to your belly button. Please don't look down - this will alter the measurement. (If you want to have your kilt lenght in a military size, please measure F.b)



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