Intelligent Retail Review

Using the Intelligent Retail Connect EPoS System

We couldn't find many independent Intelligent Retail reviews, so we did one!

The Intelligent Retail Connect EPoS system is a full multichannel retail system allowing for selling through both online and offline channels, so all sales go through the shop till. This is possible because the system uses one centrallised database, used to hold details of all stock in the shop, with this stock being available to sell via the physical shop and many different online selling channels like eCommerce websites, auction sites like Ebay and direct sellers like Amazon as well as consolidators like Google Products.

Setting up the Connect system is fairly easy - you can import from other systems using a .csv import file, so if you have an eCommerce system already all product descriptions and images can be imported directly, or there is integration with certain wholesales like Trilanco, for different trading verticals. The Connect EPoS system also has the ability to import via the patented 'black box' - this is a repository of product information for greetings card retailers, meaning that mass products can be imported direct from the manufacturer at a click.

Once the database of products is set up and details of Ebay and Amazon shops are entered, selling via different online channels is done via a simple 'drag and drop' interface. This means no more having to juggle with Ebay, Amazon and many other admin and stock control systems because you drag the products to where you want to sell them, Connect takes care of the rest, with all successful sales coming back into the till interface ready for 'pick, pack and dispatch'. The best thing is, because the Intelligent Retail Connect system works on a centrallised database, you don't have to review every purchase made and figure out what your stock levels are, Connect works all this out for you and makes sure you only sell what is available! This means no more worries about over-selling, no more worries about supply and no more disappointed customers!

Integration with Head Office

The Intelligent Retail Connect system allows for connection to a head office system, which means if you have multiple 'bricks and mortar' stores you can control everything via the head office machine. This allows you to shuffle stock levels between stores, moving products to where they are needed. This level of integration goes to reporting too, so you can see what is sold across your trading channels and produce fantastically detailed reports, so you can see exactly what your best selling lines are and buy accordingly.

Integration with Suppliers

As mentioned, certain types of suppliers are integrated as standard, but it's also possible to integrate suppliers of any products by doing an import of stock, all you need to do is format spreadsheet imports in the correct way and then import to get instant updates of your stock into the Connect system.

Integrated into Sage Line 50 Accounts too!

The Intelligent Retail Connect EPoS system is also integrated into Sage Line 50 accounts, which means there is no messing around at the end of your accounting period - all the data you need to do end of year accounts is already in the system and ready to go, with a few clicks you can get your return sorted meaning less worry and less time spent doing this necessary task.

Contact Intelligent Retail

For a demonstration of the Intelligent Retail Connect EPoS system and Connect EPoS websites, call Intelligent Retail on 0845 6800 126 or go to the Contact Form and arrange a visit.