Boys Sporran

There are many unique features of highland dress which have become treasured traditions. One of these is certainly the sporran without which your highland look simply would not be complete! At The Scottish shop we feature a fine range of children's sporrans which we are sure your youngsters will be proud to wear.

The sporran is a leather pouch that hangs below the belt and sits on the front of the kilt. Historically the sporran was used as to store small items and essentials and these could have included trophies from the battlefields.

Sporrans were used because kilts did not have any pockets and early pieces were simply plain leather with a drawstring fastening. Now "day" sporrans remain simple in design whilst dress sporrans for formal occasions are more ornate and decorative.

Our boys' sporrans carry on a fine tradition and are the perfect souvenirs from Scotland or great gifts for family and friends. Crafted from leather, they are fine accessories with timeless appeal that fascinate all who visit Scotland. Sporrans began life as practical accessories but now seem whimsical, curious and endearing and we love them!

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