Childrens Ghillie Shirts

At The Scottish Shop we have a great selection of shirts and blouses for both boys and girls that are the perfect partners for kilts. We have Ghillie shirts for boys and girls and pretty jabot blouses for girls and perhaps you may now need a short explanation of the Scottish terminology!

Ghillie is a Scots term that describes a man or even a boy who is an attendant on fishing and hunting trips, especially in the highlands. It is also a style of shirt in the Jacobean style and here the word Ghillie refers to the distinctive criss-cross lace at the neck. Ghillie shirts are for informal wear and are usually paired with a kilt. The Ghillie shirt is a heritage style that actually predates the wearing of kilts. A Jabot is a frill or ruffle at the neck of traditional Scottish ladies' blouses.

No highland outfit would be complete without the right shirt or blouse so if you are dressing the kids for any occasion then do take a look at our affordable collection. At the Scottish Shop. You will also find wonderful kilts for children and all the accessories you need and we are sure that the youngsters will love their new look!

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