Child's Tartan Jackets | Child's Tartan Waistcoats

At Scottish shop we are pleased to bring you a stylish collection of children's clothing which celebrates the heritage of Scotland. This collection includes a wonderful selection of waistcoats and body warmers which we have no doubt that you love.

With velvet waistcoats, colourful body warmers and tartan waistcoats to choose from there is a great style to complement any outfit and the kids will certainly enjoy wearing a slice of Scotland! Our tartans include Black Watch, Royal Stewart and Heritage of Scotland. Traditionally you should wear the tartan of your clan or one with which you have an association but it isn't a hard and fast rule. Indeed tartans were not originally associated with any clan or organisation and became so rather by accident.

Tartan cloths were found across Europe as early as 1000 BC. Nowhere were they adopted with such enthusiasm as in Scotland. Patterns and colours varied as the cloths were made by local weavers to their own designs and only distributed locally. This could be why certain variants became associated with particular clans but they were not officially adopted.

Tartan became an intrinsic feature of highland dress to the extent that the Government banned it after the Battle of Culloden in 1746 in an attempt to control the rebellious Scots. A century later tartan was being mass produced as a result of the industrial revolution at which point patterns had to be standardised. South of the border people believed that the patterns were connected to the clans and so when King George IV was about to visit the region the clans were asked to wear their tartans in honour of the visit. As many of them didn't have one this must have come as something of a surprise! The clan leaders were forced to hastily adopt tartans and this is where the firm associations really began.

We are sure that your kids won't be concerned about clan associations but they will love the waistcoats! These stylish accessories are ever popular and with our fabulous prices they are surely must have additions to any kid's wardrobe.

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