Girls Tartan Dresses

At the Scottish Shop we know that you greatly appreciate Scottish traditions and heritage and so we are keen to feature an extensive range of fine tartan clothing and accessories. We are pleased that our range now includes gorgeous tartan dresses for girls in none other than Royal Stewart tartan.

Tartan has been fashioned in Scotland since the 3rd century AD. Originally it was a hand woven cloth with colours and patterns that were distinctive to the weaver. This is why certain tartans started to become associated with local regions and clans but it wasn't until the 19th century that this relationship was cemented. In 1822 King George IV visited Scotland and the clan chiefs were encouraged to wear their clan's tartan for the visit. Amusingly, at the time, many clans did not have a tartan but the royal visit changed all that.

When weaving became automated and large scale tartan production was possible it was necessary to catalogue and identify the various patterns to be made. These were given names purely for identification purposes but this practice led to the designs being associated with different regiments, regions and clans. It is now the practice to wear only tartans of your family or region or to which you have a connection but one tartan that everyone can wear is Royal Stewart.

Royal Stewart is the tartan of the Royal House of Stewart and the personal tartan of Queen Elizabeth II. It is therefore acceptable for all of her subjects to wear it. It is the tartan worn by the pipers of The Black Watch, the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards and the Scots Guards. Notably world champion racing driver Jackie Stewart used a distinctive Royal Stewart tartan around his crash helmet.

Tartan is a cloth with a long and interesting history which remains as popular as ever. The intricate patterns, bright colours and unique look of the fabrics are treasured and enable the creation of striking clothing and accessories. We are confident that you will love our girls' tartan dresses which bring the flavour of Scotland to your youngster's wardrobe and a splash of colour to brighten your day.

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