Girls Highland Capes

Kid's love highland clothes and if you are looking for the perfect finishing touch then you have certainly found it! A girl's highland cape is the perfect treat for any youngster and you can't do better than to invest in one of our gorgeous lambswool or cashmere styles.

Wool is naturally insulating, moisture wicking and water repellent making it the perfect fibre for coats, jackets and capes. Wool is breathable and yet protects you from the elements and there really is no substitute for this wonderful natural fibre. Cashmere is a soft and luxurious wool that is surprisingly durable and is a wonderful fibre to add a touch of pure elegance to any outfit. That all important outer layer of clothing will keep your child wonderfully warm and protected in the harsher weather and a cape is such a stylish choice for little ladies.

You can celebrate Scotland and Scottish heritage in style with our beautiful capes for girls. The capes are fabulous souvenirs or great gifts for young ladies and will always set them apart on any special occasion.

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