Ladies Cashmere Ruana | Ladies Cashmere Serape

It is little wonder that cashmere is so prized. Cashmere fibres are soft, durable, insulating and naturally moisture wicking making any cashmere garment both luxurious and practical. The fibres are harvested by hand from cashmere goats which only thrive in certain remote regions of the world. Cashmere is in limited supply and therefore something to be treasured!

At the Scottish Shop we endeavour to bring you the finest clothing and accessories and we are proud of our exceptional cashmere collection. We know that you value Scottish heritage and traditions too so our stunning tartan cashmere ruanas are the perfect addition to our range. If you haven't worn one before, a ruana is a poncho type garment worn like a wrap.

Ruanas or serapes as they can be known, are stylish wraps that help to keep you warm whilst adding a touch of colour and flair to your look. Our cashmere ruanas are available in a variety of attractive tartans including Buchannan, Stewart and MacDuff and there is something to complement any outfit. With ruanas your arms are always free and you can don one quickly making them the perfect choice for life on the move or periods of changeable weather.

If you love tartan and value cashmere then there is no better choice than a ruana from the Scottish Shop. A Cashmere ruana is also a wonderful gift for someone special and most definitely a stylish addition to any wardrobe.