Ladies Highland Knitwear

At the Scottish Shop we work hard to bring you the clothing, accessories, gifts and souvenirs that both embody the spirit of Scotland and showcase the fine craftsmanship of the region. We are immensely proud of our ladies highland knitwear collection which features the best of Scottish design, luxurious fibres and styles form heritage labels which still manufacture in their pieces in Scotland.

There really is no substitute for wool. Wool is soft, insulating, breathable and naturally moisture wicking making woollen knitwear comfortable and practical for all seasons. Cashmere is the softest and most luxurious of all wools and feels wonderful against the skin whilst being surprisingly durable. The ultra-fine fibres of the Cashmere goat are fashioned into stylish, lightweight yet incredibly warm knitwear for our collection and we are confident that you will adore our stunning and stylish cashmere jumpers fashioned in Scotland.

Our range also showcases a stunning selection of beautiful lamb's wool and Merino wool knitwear from Peter Scott. Scott was a Victorian entrepreneur and innovator who created and patented unshrinkable woollen knitwear. 135 years later the company still produces fine knitwear from quality wools in the Scottish Borders which offers stylish designs, beautiful colours and is the epitome of Scottish craftsmanship. There is plenty to please in the Peter Scott collection including heritage Fair Isle designs which are traditional, colourful patterns that are synonymous with Scotland.

Our beautiful, classic ladies knitwear is endlessly stylish and fashioned from the finest fibres. There is a touch of luxury and a taste of Scotland in every piece and we are sure that you will be delighted with what you find.