Gents Highland Headwear

Gent's highland dress can be topped off by the perfect headwear with a Glengarry or Balmoral cap from the Sottish Shop. This traditional headwear is a must for an authentic look.

The Blamoral Bonnet is a cap without a brim that features a loose crown and a short length of ribbon. Balmorals and a similar style called the Tam o'Shanter are usually worn By Scottish and Commonwealth soldiers as part of their field dress or by civilians for both casual and formal occasions. The cap was named after Balmoral Castle.

The Glengarry is also a type of cap and is said to have been invented by Alasdair Ranaldson MacDonell of Glengarry when he formed the Glengarry Fencibles, a light infantry regiment in Canada. The Glengarry is a boat shaped style without a peak that has a bobble known as a toorie on the top and ribbons. The Glengarry can be folded flat. It became a feature of several Scottish regiments' dress and today is also worn by pipe bands and civilians for casual and evening attire. The way Glengarries are worn has changed since the end of World War II. Before this time they were worn angled with the right side of the cap often touching the ear. After the war the trend has been to wear the Glengarry level on the head.

We are sure that you will enjoy wearing a Balmoral or Glengarry cap with your highland dress and that you will wear your choice in style!