Girls Billie Kilts

It isn't only the boys that can look stylish in a kilt! Girls can enjoy kilts too and we have a great range of girl's styles for you here at the Scottish Shop. Our girl's kilts are Billie kilts and if you are wondering what they are then the answer is simple! Billie kilts are a shorter style of kilt that perfectly suit both ladies and young girls.

These days tartan is synonymous with Scotland but that wasn't always the case. Indeed tartan or plaid fabrics were popular in mainland Europe before they were woven in Scotland but it is here that they came to prominence and eventually featured in the national dress. We now also associate certain tartans with specific clans and regions but this wasn't always the case either. Indeed this is a relatively recent practice which evolved out of a mistaken belief!

The tartans of each region were different from each other and distinctive purely because they were woven locally and there was little contact between the people of different areas. This is why the mistaken idea that the tartans represented clans formed and it was cemented when King George IV visited and the clans were asked to wear their tartans to honour his visit. As many did not actually have a tartan they had to hastily adopt one but the associations stuck and the tradition evolved that people should only wear the tartan of the clan or region with which they have a connection.

The distinctive tartan designs and their names were only formalised during the industrial revolution when mass production became possible and the various patterns had to be identified and recorded. Nonetheless the legend of clan tartans persists but there are tartans that are universal which anyone can wear whether they are concerned about tradition or not. Our girl's Billie kilt collection features these in the shape of Royal Stewart and Heritage of Scotland. Royal Stewart is the personal tartan of the Queen and tartan of the Royal House of Stewart. With its bright red hues it is probably the most instantly recognisable tartan of them all. You will also enjoy the lovely blues and purples of the Heritage of Scotland tartan and this is a very popular choice for girls.

Our girls' Billie kilts are available in sizes from 6 months to 14 years so there is something to suit all youngsters who will always enjoy wearing their stunning highland dress whatever tartan you choose!