Boys Clan Tartan Kilts

We are sure that you will enjoy the fabulous collection of boys' kilts that we offer here at Scottish Shop. Our boys' kilts are available in sizes 0-1 year to 11-12 years and in a selection of popular tartans that are the perfect choice for celebrating Scottish heritage or for formal wear and weddings.

Tartan cloths were favoured in mainland Europe before they were worn in Scotland but it is here that these rose to prominence and it is with Scotland that they are now principally associated. These days tartans have names and are associated with regions and specific clans but this is a relatively recent practice. The unique patterns in the cloths first became linked with specific regions because they were produced locally and one area would not have been familiar with what others were making. Thus distinctive patterns and colours were used.

By the 17th Century tartan had become characteristic of highland dress but there were still no standardised or named designs. It was only in the era of mass commercial production that names appeared as it was necessary to identify each pattern for manufacture. The chosen names were often those of clans or regiments but not because the tartans were actually associated with them. This is why there was a mistaken belief that clans had their own patterns. Indeed when King George IV visited Scotland the clans were ordered to wear their tartans in honour of his visit but many didn't know what they were supposed to wear and were forced to hastily adopt a pattern. The clan associations were concreted and have persisted to this day.

It is traditional to wear only the tartan of a clan or region with which you have an association but there are tartans that acceptable for everyone to wear and some of these styles feature in our range of boys kilts. Royal Stewart is the tartan of the Royal House of Stewart and the personal tartan of the Queen which all of her subjects can wear. Black Watch is a universal tartan as this regiment was evolved from many independent companies that policed the Scottish Highlands. The tartan is an appealing blend of blue, green and black. Heritage of Scotland is a popular choice and features striking blues and purples. We think that you will also enjoy our Hamilton Grey tartan kilt. This one is associated with the Hamilton clan but its muted grey tones and contemporary feel have made it a top pick.

Our boys' clan tartan kilts look simply fabulous and can be worn with your choice of shirt, sporran, shoes and socks from the Scottish Shop range to create an authentic Highland look for youngsters.